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All HSE recognised first aid course in West Yorkshire.

At Below the Surface, we believe that workplace first aid and CPR training are vital. Learning what to do in an emergency situation makes a huge difference, and what we teach sticks with you. Based in West Yorkshire, our experienced instructors show you how to deal with a host of problems, including shock, spinal injuries, and CPR. Learn something important today with one of our first aid courses.

  • EFR
  • PADI

BTS First Aid Training

Primary Care (CPR)

This course teaches you the steps and techniques for handling life threatening emergencies:


- Obstructed Airway

- Serious Bleeding

- Shock

- Spinal Injury

-  AED Training

Secondary Care (First Aid)

This course teaches you how to provide first aid, learning to ease pain, reduce risk of further harm and assess injuries and illness.

- Injuries

- Illness and Injury Assessment

- Bandaging

- General First Aid

Care for Children

This course teaches emergency care skills specific to helping infants and children with medical emergencies. Designed for those who work with children or who are likely to have to respond to emergencies involving children.


- AED Training

- First Aid


First Aid for the Workplace

The primary and secondary care is recognised by the Health and Safety Executive, part of the government’s independent regulator. The emergency first response first aid at work course meets all standards for workplace requirements in Great Britain.

-First Aid in the workplace - 3 days

-Emergency first aid - 6 hour course

Further Information

All courses are designed to follow ECC guidelines for CPR, and cover standards set by ILCOR and European Resuscitation Council guidelines. We tailor your course to match your needs, or those of your business, schools, groups, or clubs. This provides you with a course that is ideal for you.

For workplace first aid and CPR training undertaken by professionals in West Yorkshire, choose us.